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Usherette & Model Services Malaysia

DFD Creations has a big team of personnel who can serve as usherettes for your event or function. These usherettes are hospitable, friendly and will be on hand to help serve your guests.

Models, both male and female, are also available to help promote your function. Not only limited to modelling fashion clothes, specific model services are available to dress in costumes in line with your function theme or event. Examples include models dressed in Halloween costumes, muscle man, tables (please see photos).

There is also available event crews and promoters who will help you run your event, product launch or advertising campaign. They are experienced and can help convincingly promote your product.

Please Call DFD Creations @ +6012-236 3283 for more details.


We can provide Usherette & Model Services


We can provide Gold Man, Halloween Talent, Mingling Talent, Muscle Men, Table Talent


We can provide Event Crew & Promoter


We can provide Event Security Services